1/2/3 day


Today is the birthday of my dad and Martin.

Casey points out that today is a 1/2/3 day if you are using the odd american date notation. How cool. Would it be too geeky to admit that I am looking forward to 4.56 pm so the clock will be 1/2/3 4:56?

Happy new year! Mine was great.

Not many days ago I got a $850 14" TV that's not even really. It doesn't take channels, so I am at no risk of starting to watch tv. Oh, and I got a DSR-11 VTR thing. It's very cool. Now I just need to free up some space on my Powerbook so I can use it with Final Cut Pro.


Did you ever try to connect a firewire drive to your Powerbook? And should I expect it to work while capturing DV (using a firewire hub)? Since my Powerbook only got a 20 GB drive I'm considering buying an external firewire disk enclosure. At the moment I'm stuck with editing video on my Windows XP box and Premiere and Vegas Video really sucks compared to FCP.

Yes, Firewire drives should sorta work with DV. But it's not recommend. "Don't come and complain if it doesn't work", or so they say.

My only firewire drive is the 20GB 2.5" drive from before I upgraded the drive in the Pismo. I have not tried using it with FCP; but I suspect it would be too slow.

Ha, cool. 1/2/3 day, written European style, will be my daughters birthday and she will be 4

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