Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

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twotowers.jpgTickets for Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers (trailer) went on sale today. We got tickets for for the 7pm screening the first Saturday it's out (the 21st). Nine great seats at the dome. The screen is huge. 32x86 feet of movie bliss. More than 800 seats well within the THX specifications. Yay.

They have reserved seating at the ArcLight; just like in movie theaters in Scandinavia (and at least most of Northern Europe; maybe all of Europe?), so we know we'll have our nice seats without having to be in line umpteen hours before. The ArcLight is a really nice theater. They have nice comy chairs in the bar, the theater seats are bigger and have more legroom than most other theaters and even the restrooms are unusually neat and clean!

We are planning to go and eat afterwards, or maybe before, so if you want to join then go and buy tickets already. Or you can get tickets for the 18th and see it only a week later than our friends in the UK where it opens on the 11th.

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