Todays funny spam


... or maybe it's just a clueless mail. I received this to an address

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 16:13:53 EST
Subject: Re:My perl skills.

I work on perl programming. Like web sites with the CGI and othere perl programs on unix. If you will please give me a litter chance to work with you then I might give you The new ideas on perl.

For the request of my resume please fell free and email me at


Don't call us. We'll call you. Although I do wonder what "The new ideas on perl" are.

I almost feel a bit bad for this guy, but geez. You use AOL! And you are sending mail to the wrong address. And even if you had sent it to the right address, it would have been wrong (we don't hire people and you can't give us the new ideas on perl... Sorry!)


Some perl programmer wrote a script to spam every email address related to a job (*every* job not just ones he's interested in) posting on and said so in his e-mail claiming this should prove his skills to a potential employer..

"Can scrape a web page (beginner skills) - check"
"Complete lack of ethics - check"
"Not very bright (proud of spamming people) - check"

I'm sure he's working for Microsoft now..

okay, that must be some kind of new bottom in finding-a-job-skills.

This is nothing unusual :)

There's like 20 guys like this (i.e. with the same clue level) visiting #perl@efnet pretty much every day.

can i help give you new ideas about perl?

I dunno no whie hue giys har mokin aol uzers. Da intrafase is rely veri kewl and da emale feeturz wurk nise to. I cann ghet a mesag too mie moter in les dan 30 seckondz two!

Hue rely shud giv tham anuuter tri!

Bestd regardz


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