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switch.canada.jpgReally funny new switch parody. Switch to Canada (original). ~8MB Quicktime.

On many occassions, I've heard someone say, "If you don't love the United States of America, then get the hell out."

I did.

One of the most popular searches from Google that ends up here is for the other Apple Switch thing I have written about.

(via boingboing)

Update: Via Elaine I found John's website with more mirrors.

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Thanks to aevil for this link to a very funny switchers spoof. Switchers is the new ad campaign from Apple, Read More


If you find that funny, check out this parody on John and you decide who the monkey is. http://mysoapbox.net and don't forget to see the part about Canada for sale on ebay.

It's not surprising that an American response to John Bender's balanced and original parody would be something as childish as http://mysoapbox.net. Americans aren't exactly known for their subtlety. Funny, it is not (except if you're an American; but remember, these are the people gave the world Bob Sagett)

I hope idiots like MySoapbox.net aren't the reason John Bender took his very funny site down. Now I'm stuck searching for a archive or mirror of the site...

why are americans such retards?

I've mailed John about the website. Apparently recently he has been really busy with his personal life [with new baby comming and such], and he took down the website because he was unable to keep up with proper feedback.

Although I guess the timing would show that he just don't want to piss anyone off. This could be taken now not as a silly stunt, but a serious political statement.

You guys are great.

Every now and again I google to see if there's any trace of my adventure still on the web and, in fact, there is.

Best wishes to you all.

BTW, it's a girl and her name is Ainsley :)

Well, if immigration was so damn hard I'd be joinig you in the great white north as fast as I could. All hail Canadians and their lack of arrogance and bad foreign policy!

Jeez..it's no surprise immigration is so hard with my poor spelling. Please excuse.

Wow. I love that switch ad. Beautiful.

I thought for a while that, since I don't like the direction this country is headed, maybe I should get the hell out. But if we all leave, it will never change.

If you don't like America, you have another option. You could stay the hell here and help us fix it. http://deanforamerica.com

Apologies for the flag-waving, but I really do believe this is the best thing for the country right now.

I agree 100% Gavin. I do love our country "America" just not very proud of it at the moment. Take America Back! Dean for America!!

Gavin - I agree with you too. Some people are cut out for making political change. And I'm glad for people like you.

I was just cut out for complaining. :)

The one thing that really bothers me, though, is that the guy running mysoapbox.net is actually trying to find my home address and phone number to publish on his site. (bottom of the page)

He can make fun of me all he'd like, that's fine - that was the spirit in which I created that video - but that's a line that shouldn't be crossed.

I sent him an email, a rather nice one, actually. We'll see how he responds.


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