Trailer for "25th Hour"


25th_hour_poster.jpgThe trailer for 25th Hour is bloody cool. I would be embarrassed to tell how many times I have watched it, so I won't. It sucks that the trailer usually isn't a good measure for the quality of the movie.

I look at these people around me, and I'm thinking - these are my friends? I don't even know these people.

It looks like 25th hour could be good though; the casting is great at least. Edward Norton, Rosario Dawson, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Brian Cox...

Norton: She is the only girl I have ever kept fantasizing about after sleeping with her. Is that normal?
Pepper: That's a pretty good kind of normal.

It is directed by Spike Lee, but it doesn't look much like one of his movies. Maybe because I only remember Jungle Fever and Malcolm X.

Speaking of trailers, how come Interview with the Assassin can't pick up a distributor? The trailer is intriguing.

The AFI Festival is coming up, and I don't have much time to go and watch the two billion movies worth seeing. Sucks.


I have always said it, and I will do so again: there sould be an Oscar category for trailers... true masterpieces of the abtracting and teasing...

Yes, indeed. That would be cool. :-) My girlfriend and I will watch trailers once in a while, sorta instead of watching a movie. Download a bunch from and play them full screen with quicktime pro.

Yesterday we watched all the new ones and saw the Lantana trailer again.

In the latter case mostly to get reminded of the great movie, I think.

- ask

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