Newton: Models are dumb


newtonPhotographer Helmut Newton, famed for his portraits of beautiful naked women, said on Wednesday he had met far too many stupid models in his career.

"Either they are so dumb that they can only sit there silently staring straight ahead with vacant looks on their faces, or they get on my nerves because they can't stop blabbering"

Mike Keller: "Gosh, I thought the vacant stares in his photographs were on purpose?"

(via d1scussion)


Ah well.. just more stereotyping..

Stereotyping. Unfortunately, I've also met some pretty dumb models in my occupation, but I've met some amazingly smart ones too. It's more about their attitudes, and most of the talent that I work with at our studio are warm, vibrant and fun. I enjoy that more than scrutinizing them for what is perceived as a lack of intelligence, when sometimes it may be no more than a desire not to speak with a pompous ass who's insecure about the fact that he probably can't get laid by anyone as attractive as the models he shoots.

models are just weird. tyra banks is annoying!

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