My street is being cleaned on Thursday and Friday mornings. I can never remember which side is when of course; and even if I could then I'm never quite sure where I parked. What does that mean? That I go down to check at some odd hour way too often.

So I just went down. What I learned:

  1. I don't remember the last time I went outside. Maybe I went to the store yesterday, but I am not sure. Before that? Who knows. I am not sure I have been outside since Sunday.
  2. It's getting cold outside at 5am.
  3. When you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt anyway.
  4. I didn't remember where my car was at all. I found it because it said "beep" behind me when I pressed lock on the remote.
  5. That felt a bit odd.
  6. The moon looked wicked cool.

So cool that I had to go up and get my camera. Does it look like this every month? I vaguely recall having raved about it before. You see, back in Denmark the moon doesn't lay down.

I couldn't find my tripod mount, so the photo is handheld. (Yuck). Handheld D1x at 180mm in the middle of the night isn't fun.

Color correction nonsense sucks so badly. I Photoshop on my Powerbook; so the moon photo looked bright and nice there. Now on Linux it's all fuzzy grey. But still neat, no?

Okay, sleepy time. Really.


Amazing you where able to shoot that without a tripod. You must have a very steady hand :)

You really should use a PC-like gamma setting on you Mac ... that takes care of the problem about images that, on the Mac, is neat and subtle but on PCs looks kinda muddy.


It took a few tries to get it right. The moon is a lot brighter than you'd think; I think I got it on 5.6 (old dark lens) and 1/160 second with ISO 500 or so. The image I put up is was I got after cropping off thousands of pixels... :-)

For the gamma stuff: It's a lot harder than that. Now I'm on a different Linux box and on this monitor it looks fine. Just changing the gamma would screw up many mac users instead; it would screw up my printing most likely, etc etc. The real trouble comes from color correction just being awfully hard. (And most monitors being crap).

- ask

It really is that way with everything on the mighty web: it does not work quite the same way on all devices so one have to tweak and bend it, while watching ones artistic elbowroom wither away, until it works reasonable on most computers conceding that the web, being the computers connected to same, is not that perfect. The web really sucks, you know.

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