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Last week my hands and shoulders were starting to really act up on me again. The pain. I will spare you the details of my emotions when work all day with pain and discomfort in what feels like my whole body.

Tuesday I dragged myself to yoga class at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles. Actually, that's not quite true. Viridiana dragged me there. Look how messed up that is. I only go when I'm in pain, and even then I don't quite go. I really shold.

We did lots of backbends, working the back and the shoulders. My back is completely painfree still and my shoulders are still sore from the class. In the class there were some things I couldn't do handstand at all because my shoulders were too tense. It feels like it's the wrists (I can't bend them very much), but it's really my shoulders. The body is so complicated.

Anyway, it was really great. You should go. Preferably before you get in pain. You will some day really fast. One day everything will be fine; two days later it'll all be very different - and not for the better. What won't go so quickly, is getting it to go away.

If you are in Göteborg, then go and take classes at Göteborgs Yoga Centrum. That's my moms yoga place of ~15 years! She has been teaching yoga for about 30 years. Think of that next time you think you have lots of experience in your choosen career. has a directory of Iyengar Yoga teachers around the world.

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