Jeremy writes about people who ignore basic language rules

I entirely agree with him. Writing "how r u 2day." is the best way to make me shift my attention and respect away from you really fast.

Another pet peeve: I have only been speaking English on a regular basis for a bit more than three years, and even I can grok the difference between "you are" and "your".

As mjd wrote on clpm and said in the YAPC movie: "You are a stupid asshole. Shut the fuck up."


mjd is seriously my hero. Attended one of his classes in NYC back in 2000 and everytime someone asked a stupid question he either flat-out ignored them, or gave them shit for being dumb.

Now if he'd just finish his book sometime this millenium...

Congratulations: You bit the bait, hook, line and sinker!

The reason for the munged typography is specifically to dissuade those who value form over function; it's not all that different from the habit Aleister Crowley had of lacing his books with devil-worship symbols, not because he believed they had the power to summon Satan, but because he knew they had the power to keep the dogmatics at bay.

I'm reminded of the American joke where a Harvard grad encounters a Texan. "Where do you come from?" the Texan asks. "I come from a place where people know better than to end their sentences with a preposition!" is his terse reply. The Texan counters, "Ok, where do you come from, asshole?"

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