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rocket trail
Yesterday Viridiana came to my place and dragged me out to look at the sky. It was beautiful. Odd colors and light. Obviously we wondered what it was. Today Jim explains it. (It was a rocket from the Vandenburg air force base). Very neat. It was a bit too blurred out when I saw it, and there was too much street light to make a good photo, so I am happy to have found the photo from NASA via Jim. Thanks. :-)


RIght just because im 17 you may think im making this up but me and a friend went out on the back garden at 11pm on 17/9/06 looked up at the clouds and stars, and realised a spehreical shaped light coming from behind the clouds, we thought it was just a plane at first but then it was moving in a circle around one particular spot, and then it kept hiding and reappearing in the same spot but then as the cloud moved the object disappeared and didnt reappear again, however the object which was flying around was there for a while around ten minutes
please email back and tel me that we aint just seeing things please xx

have you realy seen a u.f.o

i saw a ufo hovering over I82,near cle elum washington on11/2/07,at12:45pm.It was 30mtrs big with a dome in the center,silver grey metalic craft,made slight humming sound.Had no wings. hovered for 10-15 min.,then moved slowly north east over the freeway. was about 500 feet up in the sky. Bobbled slightly when hovering. Emited a beam of light at a vehicle on the freeway,which made the vehicle almost lose control. Anybody else report this???

I saw a blurry light(not bright) in the sky. It was kind of floating in the sky a bit faster than an airplane until it vanished behind the buildings next to my house.. I don't believe in ufo etc but what i saw a few minutes ago was really strange!!

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