Canon S900 support for Linux


I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like Turboprint has drivers for the Canon S900 printer (and S9000 and all the others) for Linux. Yay, very cool.

I found the site from Canon in Germany. I guess they have more clue than their counterparts here in the U.S. (who are using so much javascript crap that I can't even get to their driver download page right now).


I have a canon S9000, and cannot use it under linux. The turboprint drivers do not work, and their tech support basically admitted this to me and told me they couldn't help me as I run Mandrake.

That's odd. Turboprint does list the S9000 as a supported printer.

Maybe it is Mandrake they don't support?

- ask

I've tried Turboprint with a Red Hat 9.0 installation and a Canon S900 printer. This doesn't work either. :(

I'm running amd64 w/ mandrake 2005 LE, Canon S9000 USB. Turboprint 1.93-2 seems to work, except for the constant logo, of course

I have a S900 Cannon Printer.
I have used the priter troubleshooting guide. I e installed a new printing cartridge. This did not help either.
The printer acts like it is printing, but nothing appears on the page. I have tried cleaning the area where the printer cartridges are in contact. I have also tried deep cleaning, head alignment, and several other troubleshoting guides...I am baffled as to why this printer is not printing..Thanks, Bruce Fallgren

The S800 Linux printer driver on the S900 works good enough for text and unimportant images. It tends to screw up page order, though, and I've had trouble with images. Remember to set it to 1200 DPI and CMY color. In Ubuntu, you can do this by going to System -> Administration -> Printing. This is also where you install the driver in Ubuntu.

Be aware that to use Turboprint you -almost- must pay 30 EUR
- to remove a "TurboPrint for Linux" logo appearing on your pages!
- to get the "high quality" printings

Even the "Medium" mode (not high) printed the logo.

Be aware also that with TurboPrint, bye bye the printer messages and information like "Color levels", "Warning the red is almost gone", "Page size does not fit... Press Continue" [and this one is hard to guess!] etc...

Finally, if you print something a bit exotic (like an envelope with a special size), welcome to hell.

I can't wait to get an alternative to turboprint for Linux.....

I have had success with this configuration on the Canon S900:
Settings->Make and Model: Canon S800 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.3 Simplified
Printer Options->Resolution: 600x600dpi
Printer Options->Color Model: CMY Color
For me, this prints the whole page with correct colors.

For me, Canon S800 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.3[en](recommended) only prints on 1/4 of the page, and throws a print tree error when I change the resolution to 1200x1200dpi and Color to CMY.

Hope that helps someone.

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