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Star Wars Land Speeder



Robert sent a link to the Star Wars Land Speeder auction at eBay.

Sometimes Dave Winer argues that you shouldn't give your code away (or rather that he shouldn't himself) because it's part of his brain, part of him. Via an argument that the genius is in the process and not in the resulting code he now says that giving the code out would be pointless because we wouldn't understand it anyway.

So maybe he isn't so big on open source because he can't write readable code? Maybe his code is a big mess that noone else could get any use of. Or maybe showing the code would just ruin his self imposed image as some kind of coding guru.

I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like Turboprint has drivers for the Canon S900 printer (and S9000 and all the others) for Linux. Yay, very cool.

I found the site from Canon in Germany. I guess they have more clue than their counterparts here in the U.S. (who are using so much javascript crap that I can't even get to their driver download page right now).

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