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matrixOr really just for me... I got a new computer this week. All components came from newegg early in the week, and the case (which I of course had ordered somewhere far away; blah!) came Friday. It's really cool. An Athlon 1800 processor is much nicer than the 400MHz Celeron thing in the old box. Having a Maxtor 120GB IDE drive is not really nicer than the good 36GB scsi drive though; except for the size. The old box is swapping way too much and it is making some of my development projects quite a hassle, s having a gigabyte memory instead 384MB will be nice when I get things moved over.

So far the only real difference is that the screensavers are running a lot faster and that sound doesn't work. Looking at the Linux Kernel list it seems like it's a problem with the via82cxxx_audio driver. Blah. I tried patching the redhat kernel with the la pre whatever thing, but that failed horribly so now I am downloading a fresh copy of the source.

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