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Not sure who it was, but someone recorded all the Perl Lightning Talks at OSCON. Neat!

Vani's 5 minute version of her longer YUI CSS talk is a little hard to follow because she was crazy enough to do most of it as a live demo, so lookup the slides and listen to the youtube thing at the same time!

My mini-talk on qpsmtpd is also up (slides here). Woah - I speak fast. I'll excuse myself with a story about the 5 minute limit.

Tim talked briefly about DBD::Gofer. Can you do 6000 "connections" to your MySQL server? To Oracle? With Gofer you can! I saw Tim over lunch today and he mentioned making the Gofer system able to use JSON for serialization which could make your database directly available to web-browsers or (more likely) just as a web service for Other Languages less blessed with lots and lots of database drivers.

Andy Lester talked about ack (which I wrote about earlier). And a couple of other things including "don't call it scripting!!" -- watch the video to see! :-)

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