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Auto insurance

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jetta glx galactic blueI have been trying to get a new car insurance thing for the last week or so. First I tried emailing a handful of agents. They seemed to just ignore emails. A few of them faxed quotes back. Okay, so not a great success.

A few things learned: The online quote systems the various companies have all suck. It takes 8-12 minutes to get a quote on the phone. 21st century does reply to email (I sent them a mail about their phone system hanging up on me before I could talk to anyone yesterday). I loathe the process.

I also found out that when my speeding ticket (75mph on an empty 65mph freeway at 3.30am) goes off my record, my insurance will be ~$800 less a year.

As Josh said: "Veruckt!" Even more so because I barely even drive anywhere anymore.

If I ever move from here, a big criteria for my destination will be "Can you get around without a car?"

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