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Uhu, leaving for San Diego now. Tentative ETA (depending on traffic) around 6.30-7ish. I hope I'll find people quickly. Yay.

If you know stuff about mod_perl and want to review my slides; please drop me a mail.

OSCON Planning, day -1

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In not too many hours I am going to drive down to San Diego. I am just on my way to bed, so it still counts as day minus 1.

Not entirely sure what sessions I will attend (except of course for Real World Performance Tuning in the mod_perl Environment Wednesday afternoon). Sunday I will hopefully make it in time for dinner with people there, and in time to meet for some meeting which agenda I momentarily have forgotten. It was at 7pm I think. Hmn.

I need to pack some stuff. (Accesspoint for wireless networking; camera; lenses; socks; battery charger; clean underwear; powerbook; cd-burner(?); empeg?; book I promised to bring Nathan; toothbrush; contact lens stuff; old laptop drive in firewire enclosure for extra storage; anything else?)

Sleepy time.

Not quite as cool as the first parody, but there is a new Apple Switch parody called switchback. I hope it's because I'm stressed out that I don't find it all that funny and not because I've been drinking too much of the Apple Kool-Aid. Hmn....

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