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From jjohn: Are your tired of being laughed out of chat rooms because you used 'who' instead of 'whom?' Are you passed over for promotions at work because you prefix dependent clauses with 'which?' Are your code patches rejected because you use the word 'irregardless' in comments?

Fret no more!

For the low cost of nothing, you can use Capital Community College's Guide to Grammar & Writing.
Use this site to pump grammatical iron until you can go toe to toe with even the most prissy schoolmarm.


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This is my trackback ping entry. :-)

Jonas wrote in a comment that Trackback doesn't work on my site. Maybe Jeremy can it for me. I'll ping his MT now so he'll notice. :-)

Update: Seems like it works. We pinged back and forth like the geeks we obviously are. I'm so geeky that I almost regret that I backdated this entry to hide it a bit.

Update 2 (August 31): Rael implemented trackbacks for Blosxom.

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