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While I'm no Jim Winstead I used the Amazon Honor System yesterday to give to the Red Cross. "1-click donation". Very easy. Go do it already. Vani found a PDF or some such at the site detailing how they are spending the money - most importantly they don't spend an unreasonable amount on paper pushing.

When I gave 18,000 people had given a total of $900,000 via the Amazon system. Now it's at close to $3,000,000 from 50,000 people.

If you don't want to give to the Red Cross, you can maybe give a little money to Doctors Without Borders.

Windows 2000From the "my weblog as my personal mailinglist" department:

I have a laptop where we just installed Windows 2000. Shortly after installing it, it started hanging during boot. It gets about 60% through the "Starting up ..." screen and then stops. It boots fine in "Safe Mode with Networking". I used that to upgrade it to SP4 and whatever other updates Microsoft wanted it to get. What to do? How can I figure out what makes it hang? I'd just reinstall it, but it took forever to install all the updates and I worry that it'll just do the same thing on a fresh install.

I tried booting with logging and then looking in the ntbtlog file, but that seemed pretty useless. At least to my untrained eye. (Great log format, with no timestamps and no verbose information...)

I also tried enabling VerboseStatus, but that didn't seem to do anything at all.

(I just need it to run one program; which one will be the subject of another posting soon. No, that one program doesn't work in Virtual PC 7 on the Mac or in VMware on Linux).

Yes, I see the irony, go away.

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