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Where are my tabs?!


safari_icon.jpgI just sent a bug report to Apple for Safari: "No tabs. I can't open a new window in a new tab. Where are my tabs? I can't figure out to surf the web without tabs. Please give me my tabs back. Can I have my tabs? Please don't make such a cool browser but forget the tabs. Please put the tabs back in. In closing, I would like to add that it would be very nice if Safari could get tabs."

I can't figure out who it was anymore, but somewhere someone wrote he was missing the "Home" button. It can be enabled in the View menu.

I am missing having the text input part of the "choose a file" form fields. Usually I type in the file name instead of choosing it when I need to upload a file; but maybe that's just me. The whole mouse clickidiclick thing doesn't work very well for me.

Update: JY told me about his neat idea for how tabs could work.

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