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Powerbook G4 Ads

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big and smallApple also made an all too funny ad for the new 12" and 17" Powerbooks they introduced at Macworld. (local copy).

Are they done with the /switch stuff for now? Will we see a new ad campaign soon?

X11 server for OS X

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jonasbn points out that Apple also has released a beta of their X11 server for OS X. Wow. I did not see that coming. They are really catering to us geeky unix people. I have had my Apple fix for the day, but I'll have to play with it soon. Maybe I finally can run Gabber properly on the powerbook?

Apple announced a new browser, Safari today. I am trying it out now. I don't like the brushed metal look and it doesn't seem that much faster than Chimera. And where are my tabs? Uh, and 17" Powerbook. Wow. And 12"!. Hmmmnnn. Time to change the order? Gah, not having tabs in this browser is completely unbearable.

Time to go and try out the new iTunes. No Final Cut Pro 4, but instead Final Cut Express for $299.

Firewire 2 at Macworld?

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Steve JobsOoops; they released the press release a day early. "SmartDisk New FirePower Drive Applies FireWire 800 Mbit Technology" more than hints that some Macs will get Firewire 2 (Gigawire?) tomorrow.

Read more about the Macworld keynote at Macminute, MacNN, Macrumors and ThinkSecret.

Most of the rumors claims that the announcements will mostly be software, but the unusual lack of good rumors makes everyone think "uhu, they must have something real big in the works!". Maybe, maybe not. :-) I would not be surprised if the big news is "just" faster Firewire and faster Wireless. Hey, they have to make up for the slow CPU's somehow!

What's with the Video iPod rumors? Viridiana and I tried hard to justify it the other day without much luck. It's just a dumb idea.

Will we get Final Cut Pro 4? That would be very neat.

Watch the keynote webstream at 9am PST. And the Apple Store when they update it after the keynote.

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