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UFOs in the Sky!


rocket trail
Yesterday Viridiana came to my place and dragged me out to look at the sky. It was beautiful. Odd colors and light. Obviously we wondered what it was. Today Jim explains it. (It was a rocket from the Vandenburg air force base). Very neat. It was a bit too blurred out when I saw it, and there was too much street light to make a good photo, so I am happy to have found the photo from NASA via Jim. Thanks. :-)



Jeremy writes about people who ignore basic language rules

I entirely agree with him. Writing "how r u 2day." is the best way to make me shift my attention and respect away from you really fast.

Another pet peeve: I have only been speaking English on a regular basis for a bit more than three years, and even I can grok the difference between "you are" and "your".

As mjd wrote on clpm and said in the YAPC movie: "You are a stupid asshole. Shut the fuck up."

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