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The other day I wrote about my new phone. I mentioned that T-Mobile supports CSD so you can use the phone to connect to a modem (and not pay the absurd per megabyte fees that is charged for GPRS).

Derek could not make it work at all. I just tried it and I didn't have any problems at all. Setup a new Network Location (probably optional, but I think it's easier that way) and set it up to use IrDA. I used the "Ericsson Infrared" or the "Ericsson T39 14.4" modem scripts. The others doesn't seem to work. In particular then T-Mobile doesn't seem to support HSCSD, which would have bundled up to 4 GSM channels to give speeds up to 4x9.6. Oh well. Some nice guy in the UK has made packages with the Mac Modem Scripts I used to try HSCSD.


Setup PPP to use your ISP like you would if you used the internal modem.

The next step is to press the connect button up in the menu bar or in "Internet Connect".

The next step is to start Safari or ssh (remember to enable compression!) and enjoy.


This posting was of course posted via the cell phone. As soon as I've saved I think I'll enable the AirPort and use the DSL again. :-) 9.6 is bloody slow and ping times are just about forever and a day. But it works and being at night it's free too.

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