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This should be useful to authors of the Perl summaries and such, which was my main reason for making Metamark.

Beware that you need to install URI::Find and WWW::Shorten. WWW::Shorten requires about two billion other modules (mostly indirectly), so be sure to use the CPAN shell to install them.

   # perl -MCPAN -e shell
   install URI::Find WWW::Shorten
Oh, and you can of course use one of the other shortening services that WWW::Shorten supports.

Everything is shaking ...

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I have a really old fridge in my apartment. Sometimes when I work with headphones on, I think someone is knocking on the door. Taking off my headphones I realize it was just the fridge that stopped and made the floor shake.

Earlier today the house was shaking once; a bit like someone drove a car into the wall. Except that would probably have made it fall over completely. It seems like it was a little earthquake 8 miles away.

Just a few minutes ago it happened again, but it's not on the page yet. Oh, now it is.

When you are from a country with almost no earthquakes, it takes some years to get used to the occasional realization that even when you live in the middle of the comfortable "civilization", the earth is so powerful and we are so small.

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