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Something very nice happened in my life that I'd like to share. Almost a month ago Vani and I went to Colorado and got married. We were considering going to Hawaii, but it's not quite the right time of the year to go there -- or so it seemed from the weather reports.

We decided going skiing and snowboarding would be more fun, so we looked for cold weather instead. As Vani said, at least then people celebrate when the it's snowing. We stayed for a long week week at "the peaks". Half the week we even made it out in the snow, it was a blast. The other half of the week we were just wandering around town. Actually, we were mostly just geeking on our laptops the whole time. Yes yes, you might shake your head, but the hotel was a very comfortable place to geek. :-) (Another reason for not going to Hawaii could have been that we couldn't find a nice hotel in a place we wanted to go that had broadband internet, but we'll never admit to that).

For our tiny ceremony it was just the two of us. It was beautiful. In the morning the clouds were hovering over the mountain, but as we were getting ready they disappeared and the sun came out shining on us again. Which was fortunate, because it was really cold outside otherwise! (Vani said walking in the snow was cold even with the sun). It was Very Pretty. Tall white mountains. Mmmmnnnn.... We were pretty too, of course.

We have only been together for a few months. I know how understanding I would be if someone I knew did something this crazy, but I promise you, dear reader, that from here it doesn't seem quite as insane as it might be. Okay, maybe it does too. We are happy and the slightly nutty way seems to be working best for us. :-)

The whole thing is still not always entirely believable, but I very much like it when I do believe it. To make up for not inviting anyone to our ceremony (I know, how egocentric of us!), we're planning to do a reception in the summer and after that again in denmark and malaysia.


Dude! Congrats to the both of you!

Wow! very cool. great pic, too ;)

From the cold, but snowless Denmark: Congratulations! :o)

Mazel Tov!

Congratulations Ask.... we need a game of Risk to celebrate!

wow!!! congrats, Ask! =)

Simply delightful. Best wishes to the happy couple.

Orh! Kæmpe tillykke til jer begge! Hvor er det fantastisk! :D

Yes, congratulations to you both!

Tillykke Ask, i er ser jo dejlig glade ud. Alt det bedste!

Congratulations! That's wonderful. You look like a very happy couple.


I didn't know my wife all that long before we married and it's worked out well, just having celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary last year. Well, I actually knew her for a few years, but not well, we only started dating in February of 1988 and were married in September of that same year.

Here's wishing you all the best!

Hey, congratulations, Ask!

Congratulations, and and all the best wishes for the couple. I am happy for both of you.

Congratulations. :-)

Congrats ask! You two look so happy...and happiness is a good thing :)

Congratulations and best wishes!

Congrats! And the picture is loooovely. Getting married in the snow. What a wonderful idea!


Let's try to sync. the upcoming ceremony with my visit in San Diego/LA and the "Area 51 Road Tour 2004"? ;-)


No reason to delay the inevitable. Impulsive weddings are truly the most romantic - way to go! Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you.

Congratulations! Very nice pic indeed, you look extremely happy :)

Congratulations to both of you!

You made out in the snow? I don't think we wanted to know that much! :-)


Congratulations Ask! :)

Det er jo fantastiske nyheder. Tillykke!

The couple who geeks together steeks together. Congrats, Vani & Bjorn! Many happy years of 'Booking together.

P.S. The single most important trick to staying married is 'set answer.default = YES'.

Just popped into your interesting blog. Congratulations!

nice picture. congrats.

one of life's biggest decisions. I wish it was me!

nice place to get married. Greetings from denmark.

You don't know me at all, but I wanted to say congratulations. And I'm glad you came out here to Colorado and had, what sounds like, the most perfect ever time :)

Malaysia is a treat too.. I was there this summer and hoping to get an opportunity to go back soon.

Hej Askemand, hvad fanden har du nu fundet på! Du er s'gu' en modig mand med en modig kone. Ja, dine gamle onkler og tante sidder her i Göteborg og overraskes, imponeres og gläder os over din nyvundne lykke og fremgang udi kärligheden derude i den store verden. Godt at se at du af og til lyfter blikket fra skärmen og får öje på slikket på naboens skrivebord! Hvornår tror du Leela bliver bedstemor for förste gang? Ja, ja, Ask, der er ikke noget stress med det. Vi önsker Jer så meget til lykke og sender de allerbedste önsker for fremtiden. Mange hilsner fra Ole, Parvati og Peo.
PS Oles mail er oleschmidt@swipnet.se

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