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Bergman Overload


red posterYou order too much stuff online when you meet your UPS guy on the street (and not your own street) and ask him if he has any packages for you and he remembers your address and finds a package.

In related news I now got Blue, White and Red from Amazon. I also got Cries and Whispers (review) and Trolösa (review). I also bought more cds which I right away will convert to mp3s and put away in a drawer not to be taken out again until I convert all my music to ogg or at a better mp3 rate or something like that. If Apples upcoming music service doesn't come with bad DRM, then I'm going to be a customer. At least for all the recordings that stink anyway (which is most electronica and other popish music).

In unrelated news then we are just a few days away from having a new rack (from ix2) and bandwidth (from internap) for Ticketmaster has hooked us up with both and they are paying the bill if we use more bandwidth than Internap is giving us for free. How nice is that?! :-) Next week we'll be moving equipment from the Citysearch rack to the new rack and move the mail services etc still running on ValueClick equipment (and bandwidth) so they finally get off the hook after having sponsored infrastructure for almost four years. (Also very nice!)

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