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powerbook g3 / pismo in the park
A while ago the display on my powerbook started to come loose. No, it is not falling off, but it's tilting backwards all the time. Bang! Slam! Smack! Down in the table it goes. Really Bloody Frustrating. I want it fixed.

Back in the days I could take a Powerbook 5300 apart and put it together again in just over no time. Except for the displays. The displays were always a pain.

Gustav told me there's no way to tigthen the screws keeping the angle of the display when it's open. Did he try? He has a Pismo just like mine. It sounds too odd to me, but I haven't been ambitious enough to take it apart and check it out yet.

Some days ago while waiting for a database to add some indexes, I searched around to see if I could find instructions on how to take it apart. You see, it's not just unscrewing all the screws. To take a laptop properly apart there's a billion small plastic things you have to twist and push, and everything must be done in the right order.

I did find some guy who replaced the LCD in his Powerbook Firewire. Very encouraging at first. The best part though, was that he said I could search for the "Apple Service Manual".

You see, back in the days the Apple Service Source was what made me able to take the laptops apart so quickly. They have instructions on how to do everything, including the little hints not to bend the round thing before you have pushed the other thing or you'll break the third thing.

So a bit of googling later, I find a list of Service Source manuals. Brilliant. This is The Good Stuff if you need to take your Mac apart. You might have to Google some more if your Mac is of a newer date though.

Looking at the manual it does seem like Gustav might be right. Grrh. If I can get to the screws at all, it looks like I have to not just take the powerbook apart, but also take the LCD apart. And even then it's not clear from the pictures (around page 100) that I can tighten the screws at all. Arrgh! I am definately getting AppleCare for my next PowerBook.

While searching for the above, I noticed that some kid has been terminated from his job in one of the Apple retail stores for having a couple of screenshots of "Internal Apple applications" on his website. Pretty dumb. And pretty cheap of pbzone.com to make a story out of it (and thus certainly not making it easier for the poor guy who made the mistake of putting them in a publicly accessible folder). Or maybe I got it backwards.

Viridiana brought me "Dried Bing Cherries" a while ago. I just started eating them. They are really good.

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