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IPv6 on Mac OS X

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Enabling IPv6 on OS X. Very neat. Very easy. Dancing turtles everywhere. Use en1 instead of en0 to use the AirPort interface instead of ethernet.

Of course, as Aaron points out, the IPv6 transition is a big mess, so who really cares? I've been vaguely contemplating to make my private network run IPv6 instead of on 10.x addresses, but the only advantage is the neat factor (and that would grow old fast I'm sure) and there are many disadvantages. Hmn... Go and read djb's analysis of the IPv6 transition. I just read it a few days ago from a reference on the qmail or the djbdns list, funny that it came up again here.

Fun with Final Cut Pro


istedgade mozartvej still

Gustav made a small ~12 second clip of his bicycle trip to visit some friends. It's very neat. He sent me to Final Cut Pro project file and the OfflineRT media, and I cut a new version (MPEG-4 Quicktime) that grooves a bit better with the music. There are still a few things I'd like to change, but it must stop somewhere. :-)

I made a good set of "embed tags" that made the quicktime player show the jpg and then the movie when you click on it. But I could not make it not suck on my Linux box and having the mpeg 4 file downloadable might make it easier to get it to play without quicktime. Mplayer seems to play the video, but not the mpeg4 audio. Hmpfr.

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