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Kevin Mitnicks Lost Chapter

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Wired wrote months ago:

A missing chapter from hacker Kevin Mitnick's recent book has been published on the Internet.

The chapter was originally slated to be the first chapter in Mitnick's new book, The Art of Deception, but was not included in the published version of the book.

The publisher decided to remove the chapter shortly before releasing the book. Wiley representatives were unable to comment immediately on why the chapter was pulled.

The chapter contains the first recounting by Mitnick of his life as a hacker and a fugitive, as well as his arrest, trial and life in prison.

The chapter also includes allegations by Mitnick that John Markoff, technology reporter for The New York Times, printed malicious stories about Mitnick during the hacker's years as a fugitive.

The text and word document versions are so badly formatted to be almost unreadable. There is now a nice PDF available of Kevins Story. It's a fun read; go download it already.

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Related the Guardian has a good interview with Mitnick, 'Why did I do it? For fun' .
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