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Santa and Lawyers

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apple_santa.jpg"For the longest time, it was just Marry Christmas, but now it's Happy Holidays. For Legal reasons. Santa got hit by a lawsuit. I got my ass handed to me. .... My name is S. Claus, and I am a switcher.". (local mirror)

I had to check twice that this really is hosted at Apple. Apple making a parody of their own Switch ads; who would have thought.

They also made one with Santa talking about his iPod, but it's not nearly as amusing.

Will Farrell previously "starred" in a Switch ad at NYC MacWorld Expo 2002 (local mirror). Find other switch ads and parodies.

Slightly related, Matt asks why Americans think Santa lives on the Northpole when everyone else knows that he lives in Greenland (so he's sorta a dane like yours truly). This is of course ignoring Jarkko's silly claim that Santa lives in Finland. Ha!

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