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Quit geeking; herd sheep


peaceful mountaindeus x: Also on the drive home, I was thinking that I'd like to take a break from being a geek and a software architect altogether, and maybe raise sheep and make sweaters for awhile.

I am so with him on that. I have always been a city person, never imagined that I would want to live far from the nearest 24 hour anything. The last years though I've been increasingly dreaming about living far away on some mountainside or by a lake noone else knows about or some such. But I really loathe driving[*], so I am not sure how I would ever get anything to eat (eat the sheep?) and I'd miss my DSL connection and movie fix too much, so here I am...
[*] Really #$%^$ clever that I live in Los Angeles then, is it not?
(photos from Santa Barbara and from the hills above Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles)

Traffic is very dangerous and today Michael Moore points out that every day at least 8 children gets killed by a gun in the US. Every day. Tick tock. 30 to 40 people are murdered every day. 40 to 50 people use a gun to kill themselves. Every day. Tick tock. What's the big deal with the sniper again? When almost a hundred people die from gunfire EVERY friggin' day! Please explain it to me, because I truly don't understand.

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