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Mail.app limitations


mail.gifI am considering putting all my mail on an IMAP server and then sometimes using Mail.app to read it. I would then be able to read mail while not online. Yay. Usually I ssh to the various servers where my mail is stored and then use pine there. (Go away you fancy mutt users; if I could make myself learn new keystrokes I wouldn't be using emacs anymore either).

Back to my mail plans. I have a lot of mail. Easily 50-100000 mails in a bunch of folders. I wouldn't need to syncronize them all to Mail.app. I can even delete thousands of mails by just junking the junk folders; but there would still be a lot left. I wonder how many mails Mail.app can deal with before breaking horribly. If it's a bit slow at opening some of the big folders then that's okay; but if it can't deal with 5-8 thousand mails in my inbox then it would be a mess. Or maybe I should just get better at getting rid of old mail. Hmn.

Does anyone have any actual experience with Mail.app and lots of mail?

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